Vulnerable young people and social media

Risks to Vulnerable Young People- using social media safely to engage young people

Social Media has a lot to offer vulnerable young people who lack support in their off-line lives. This opportunity can be developed in a positive way. Steven Carrick Davies, formerly of Childnet International has conducted research for the Training & Development Agency and made recommendations in a report called Munch, Poke, Ping. For most young people the primary gateway to the internet is now their mobile phone there is almost no privacy and the technology is changing so rapidly it is hard for adults to keep up.
The report addresses the issues and helps to define the real risks to young people whilst remaining conscious of the benefits to them. Resources on this site include a film made by young people from PRU's on the risks as they see them. If you want to use these films in your work with YP or with colleagues please feel free to copy these films (by downloading real player and then adding them to the library on your computer). If you can acknowledge the source that would be nice. (Steven Carrick Davies) –


Katie Beacon - interviews and training sessions for youth workers on social media at

Steven Carrick Davies – formerly of Childnet International