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NatStarStudent AUA (SMOG tested)

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This is to make sure;


  • that you stay safe while using the computers.


  • that college computers are used in the right way.


  • that you will use computers safely.


I agree that I must use computers in the right way.


For my own safety:


  • I know the college will look at how I use computers.


  • I will not share my user name or password.


  • I will not try to use someone’s user name and password (unless they say that I can).


  • I will be aware of “stranger danger” when I am talking to people on-line.


  • I will report things that make me feel unhappy when I see them on-line to my PLM.


I know that we all have the right to use computers.


  • I will not try to upload or down load large files.


  • I will try not to see, copy or delete someone’s files without them knowing unless they say that I can.


  • I will not swear on-line and I know that some people may have views that are not the same as mine.


  • I will not take or send pictures of anyone unless they say I can.


  • I know the college will keep computers safe for me to use.


  • I will not try to see things on the internet that are against the law or that will hurt others.


  • I will report any damage I see to computers.


  • I will not open files on e-mails from people I do not know, in case it has a virus.


  • I will not load things onto college computers.


  • I will only use chat sites when I am not in class unless I have been told I can.


  • When I use the internet I know that:


  • I need to check if it is OK to use the work of other people in my own work.


  • I will not try to load music and videos that are copy protected.


  • I know that I am trusted to use computers properly.


  • I know that I will be told off if I don't do the things I agree to.


This may mean;


I may not be able to use computers, I may be sent home, or the college may tell my parents or the police.


I agree that I will follow these rules when


  • I use the college computers.


  • I use my own computer, AAC or phone in college.


  • I use my own computer out of college to talk to friends or staff in college.








SMOG tested to 13