What needs to be considered and put in place

Policy & Leadership

Show you are responsible/take the lead

Senior management has a key role to play. Aim to demonstrate a whole organisational approach. Integrate eSafety into QA and internal review process and existing policies. Consult staff and learners regularly and demonstrate your response with priorities and action plans for implementation. Promote eSafety ensuring a consistent message. It is important to encourage the use of technology in learning but clearly state the boundaries and the sanctions. Give incentives to staff to use technology innovatively and to learners to use it responsibly?

AUP Acceptable Use or eSafety Policy

Central to the approach will be an Acceptable Use Policy that covers all the areas mentioned (JISC Legal Template) It should be integrated with all existing policies:
Main Risk Assessment, Employer responsibilities, Social media, Classroom Management, training, ILT, Teaching & Learning, Disciplinary, Grievance, Quality and Pastoral Care Policies and others?

Set up an eSafety Committee that is:

• Active and widely representative ESafety Committee with designated lead at senior level
• Actively promote and obviously monitor eSafety
• Self Review Framework. Organisation, departmental and team self -reviews
• ESafety Responsibilities are considered throughout activities and delivery:
• With staff i.e. defined in job descriptions, induction, staff development & CPD and  Appraisal
• With learners?
• With other stakeholders?
• External communications (Local Safeguarding board)